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Bishop Creek Canyon is a paradise, a photographer’s wonderland and one of the most beautiful places you can see in all of California. It’s a 20- minute drive from Bishop with snow covered 13,000’peaks. It’s absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous with magnificent indescribable beauty.

Fishing in and around Bishop has always been a passion of Nick Scira and his entire family. Nick’s Mom Donna Scira’s family had been camping, fishing and hunting in this area since the early 1940’s. Donna’s uncle, Walter Wilms, was the very first Bishop Chamber of Commerce president/manager as a volunteer.

Nick’s dad and mom Ron and Donna met and married in November 1966 and together they continued the family legacy, camping and fishing in the Bishop area, especially Bishop Creek Canyon. They had three children, who they taught to fish, camp, hike and enjoy the outdoors.

In the summer of 1980 they noticed a “For Sale” sign at a place called Habeggers Resort in Bishop Creek Canyon. It had opened originally in 1951. They quickly seized the opportunity and purchased Habeggers Resort in the summer of 1981. At that time, their children were 3, 5 and 12 years old.

In 1981 a public fishing pond called Em’s Pond across Habeggers Lane from the park sadly closed to the public. Ron knew his customers would really miss the pond and since Ron and Donna had some vacant land near their resort store, Ron got permission from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to dig and put in a pond with the thought that their customers and the public would still have a fishing pond in the same area. He took his idea to the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Fish and Wildlife with the understanding that the DFW would stock the pond.
The Department of Agriculture drew up the plans for the pond. The digging for the pond was done by Ron in 1981 and supervised along by the Department of Fish and Wildlife. The new pond was named by one of the DFW stocking guys. He really liked Ron and he made a sign: “Ron’s Pond” and presented it to Ron. The first stocking of the new Ron’s Pond was in 1982.

In the early 90’s, Ron and Donna realized people had a hard time pronouncing Habeggers. Phone numbers and area codes were changing in the early 90’s, and people were having trouble remembering the name. It seemed like a good time for a name change. In 1992 they had a contest and asked for ideas for renaming the resort. The contest winner was Creekside R.V. Park and the name was officially changed in 1992.

In 1996, Ron started brain storming ways to get more customers. He figured stocking bigger trout would attract more people to the resort. One day, while he was on his way home, Ron saw a sign that said, “Adopt a Highway” and he thought – “Adopt a Creek!”

He started walking Main Street in Bishop, talking to all the businesses, trying to promote donations for stocking lunker trout in the local creeks and lakes to draw in more anglers and customers to Bishop and its businesses. While on the stomp up and down the Bishop Main Street, Ron met Richard McWilliam, founder and CEO of Upper Deck-Baseball card company. Fascinated with the idea, Richard kickstarted the Adopt a Creek program with its first donation. Many donors followed including Eric Scaht’s Bakkery and the Bishop Area Chamber of Commerce. The idea was born. Ron was aware that Alpers Trout Ranch could provide lunker size trout from 3 to 10 pounds and could provide a regular Alper Trout lunkers stocking schedule through the entire season. Ron created an “Adopt a Creek” newsletter, and everyone who donated received the mailings of the schedule for trout stocking dates along with pictures of anglers holding the lunkers. Now everyone could plan their spring, summer, or fall vacation knowing they could possibly catch the huge, trophy lunker trout of a lifetime.
Alex and Debi Yerkes of Alex Printing in Bishop donated the printing, payment coupons and any other printing that was needed for the Adopt A Creek program for the entire duration of the time Adopt A Creek ran. After 16 years dealing with some health issues, Ron decided it was too much for him, and Adopt A Creek ended.
Currently there still is a trophy trout stocking program in Bishop Creek Canyon. It is coordinated by Jared Smith of Parchers Resort, as well as all the neighboring businesses and Resort Owners who pitch in funds. The program is assisted by Tawni Thomson of the Bishop Area Chamber of Commerce. Currently Wrights Rainbows from Idaho and Desert Springs Trout Farms from Oregon provide supplemental trophy trout stockings periodically throughout the summer and fall, so if they’re lucky, fishermen can still land a trophy trout.
In 2017, it was apparent that Ron and Donna had to sell the Creekside RV Park due to family health issues. Their son Nick, a journeyman electrician for over 20 years, showed an incredible interest in taking over the park. Ever since he was three years old, Nick had been coming up to the park with his family, fishing and loving the mountains and scenery. Nick has loved to fish for as long as he can remember and really enjoys fishing with his dad and his friends. He also has always enjoyed watching and helping others catch trout, telling them where to fish and what bait to use – always including a story about that perfect fishing spot. Nick has made so many great friends at Creekside over the years. His passion and love for fishing and for Creekside, where he spent most summers as he grew up, is infectious.

In January of 2019, Nick Scira proudly assumed ownership of Creekside RV Park. Nick has worked continuously improving the park. Wi-fi is offered throughout the park. They offer full hook-ups for RV sites up to 42 feet, tent sites, rental trailers, a country store offering fishing tackle, worms, ice, groceries, beer, wine, souvenirs, and self-serve food. The park offers restrooms and showers. Drinking water comes from the parks own artesian well, plumbed in at every campsite and it is the best! Family dogs are welcome.
My husband Tim and I have been camping at Creekside RV Park since 1999. We discovered the park when we entered a fishing contest with some friends; they entered the contest every year at Creekside R.V. Park and invited us to go with them.
From the moment Tim and I walked into the store we were hooked on this amazing place. Ron and Donna were so friendly and incredibly informative about everything we needed to know. They were both so knowledgeable about where exactly to fish and what to use.

The passion and love Nick’s parents have built over so many decades is a perfect fit to pass on to their son Nick. With so much Creekside property it is the perfect destination place in Bishop Creek Canyon.

For more information:

Creekside R.V. Park – Elevation: 8,300’
1949 South Lake Road
Bishop, CA 93514
(760) 873-4483

Located in Bishop Creek Canyon
Bishop Creek Canyon is approximately 17 miles west on Line Street from downtown Bishop. Take CA Highway 168 (West Line Street) from Bishop.
Head west toward the mountains.
Important Note: There are NO gas stations in Bishop Creek Canyon. Fill up before you drive up!

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