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    Fish Taco Chronicles is a quarterly print fishing magazine that has been publishing since 1995. Co-founders Shawn Arnold and Leonard Davenport started the little “rag” more or less as a hobby. A way to go fishing and tell their wives they were working.
     Whether you enjoy freshwater fishing, sport fishing or fly fishing our magazine has something for every Angler. We feature articles on local fishing tournaments, the latest fishing gear, tackle, charters, guides and much more...
    Please enjoy this months issue and if you would like to read previous issues you may do so by clicking here.

A few stories from the past issue. To see ALL the stories subscribe today!
Fish Taco Chronicles Spring 2016 Issue
Quality bluefin tuna for the Pacific Star
BRUTE BLUEFIN TUNA - Big bluefin tuna were around last summer and the Pacific Star got into many good stops. Pictured are (r) Captain Mike Bullard and first deck Matt Huffer with a 60 lb. bluefin tuna.    For the record book off shore fishing for the 2015 season was spectacular in San Diego. Not only did giant bluefin tuna show up here in inner waters to provide big game anglers with a chance to catch a fish of a life time, but there was quality fishing for yellowfin tuna, yellowtail, dorado, Wahoo, skipjack, along with five species of billfish and other warm water oddities that traditionally only are found off Baja and waters to the south.
    Anglers aboard the Pacific Star, under the helm of Captain Mike Bullard, enjoyed success on most every trip out to nearby fishing grounds. By far multi-day trips on this deluxe sportfisher were very productive allowing anglers to fish for a wide variety of pelagics over the course of a 2.5 day trip, while one day trips also paid off with excellent catches of bluefin, yellowtail, dorado and school grade yellowfin tuna.
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AMERICAN ANGLER TAKES PENN FISHING UNIVERSITY ANGLERS TO WAHOO SCHOOLAuthor Steve Carson finessed this wahoo on only 20-pound line and a PENN Torque TRQ12 reel, American Angler crewman Andrew Viola hoisted it aboard.
    The 24 anglers aboard Captain Sam Patella’s “American Angler” out of Point Loma Sportfishing in San Diego knew that a strong El Nino was placing the fish in some less than usual locations. Anglers from SoCal, NorCal, Oregon, Washington, Florida, and even Hawaii journeyed to San Diego for what was to be a very interesting PENN Fishing University adventure. 
    As the American Angler headed south toward Alijos Rocks, Captain Patella investigated several areas that had been holding wahoo on previous trips. The first day after departure, the boat could coax up only a single wahoo from the vicinity of the Ranger Bank and San Benitos Islands. Continuing south to where the previous trip had scored well at Hippolito and the Richardson Bank, our group could only manage two of the wily skinnies, all on trolled marauders. 

Will There Be HOT Fishing at the COLD Trout Opener?JohnJay Crawford caught this 5lb 1oz brown out of June Lake on opening morning last year. He caught it on a Sierra Slammers swimbait. It won “Biggest Brown” in the June Lake Monster Trout opening day derby.
    The Eastern Sierra trout season starts the last Saturday in April (this year it’s April 30) and ends November 15 in Mono County and parts of Inyo County. A lot of people who fish the opener call Opening Day Fishmas. This weekend is like a holiday to them.  That is how much they look forward to it. Some one once said to me about the opener, this is where kids go and hope they can be adults and adults go so they can get away and be a kid. I have been fishing the opener since 1977 and we have a group of 30 or so who come back each year. We lose a few and add a few but us die-hards (or nuts?) are always there.  There are plenty of other groups just like us of 10, 20, even 30 people who make the trek each year. 
    As always I have no idea what to expect up there weather wise this year. The eastern sierra version of Mother Nature has a nasty curveball and throws it every year at the eastern sierra opener. If you think it is going to nice, it snows. If you think it is going to snow it is warm. I have seen it snow and be freezing on the opener and be 60 degrees on the next day. As of this magazine going to print I assume that with El Nino coming that a lot of lakes will be iced over and perhaps there will be ice fishing. But with the eastern sierras you just never know. Just come prepared for anything.

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Remembering My Dad Bud EinstossBud Einstoss with another successful catch of tuna.
    Fishing is in my blood. My whole life I grew up eating sport caught fish, with fish mounts on the walls and fishing magazines on the coffee table. Fish Taco Chronicles was my Dads’ favorite magazine.
    My Dad was born and grew up in Los Angeles, Ca. and had spent 8 years in the Navy, 4 years active and 4 years reserve. My Dad knew all the local boats and good places to fish off shore. 
    I had no idea back then that the sport that my Dad loved so much was so expensive and required so much time and work, equipment, rods, reels, line, hooks, jigs and so much more. Dad especially loved to have custom rods made and wrapped just for himself and Mom. I always dreamed of having one of my own.
    As I grew up, I met and married the love of my life Tim. I wanted to fish on the ocean like my Dad, However, I discovered a different kind of passion, a passion for stream and lake fishing. It was a passion that Tim had grown up with. Dad had never fished the mountains, in lakes or streams. Tim and I have been ocean fishing many times. For now we keep going back to the Eastern Sierra.

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East Cape - The FeverMark Rayor Blog
    It has been another spectacular weather week on the Sea of Cortez.  May on the East Cape is always about as beautiful as any place on our planet and this year has been no exception.  Seas have been flat and the 75 to 77 degree water has been blue and clear.
    The last few weeks the bite was inconsistent but when looking back through last weeks camera roll there is no doubt we had our moments.  Our fishing fleet has had fewer departures than normal.  It is most likely because of reports of slow fishing.  One thing guaranteed is if you don't have a line in the water you won't get bit.
    A few years ago we hooked two swordfish on my birthday.  The first came unbuttoned after a short battle but we were fortunate enough to get a second chance and land the second.  In my book a broadbill is the ultimate catch for an angler, the grand prize.  Many anglers never even get the opportunity to see one much less land one.  To give you an idea, on an average my guess is that we see one out of about one hundred days of fishing.

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